Ethiopia Child Survival Project - Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia (ESHE) (2003-2008)

The ESHE project, funded by USAID, aimed to improve family health in Ethiopia. AED carried out nutrition and behavior change program activities under the project, including working with newly established volunteer health promoters at the community level. Volunteers were trained to promote "Essential Nutrition Actions" such as breastfeeding and the use of iodized salt. The ESHE Project reached an estimated 6.5 million direct beneficiaries in 60 focus woredas (20 in each of three target regions).

Health Areas
Micronutrients and fortification, Adolescent and women's nutrition, Infant and young child feeding.

Behavior Change Strategies or Processes
Essential nutrition actions, Behavior change communication, Community mobilization, Monitoring and evaluation, Capacity development and training.

Project Director
Jill Randell

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